Open Source Shoutout: K3B

I just want to give a shout out to a great piece of Linux/Open Source software: K3B disk burning utility. This is a really well made program and I feel it's a much better alternative to the Brasero burning software that comes packaged with most current Ubuntu derivatives.

I'm not sure if the software was to blame, or if there's something ghetto about my Asus DVD/RW drive, but I simply could not get Brasero to burn anything without some sort of error. K3B hasn't failed me once -- it looks and works better than Brasero, too. I don't burn a lot of stuff these days, but when I do, I want something simple and easy to use, that works, and K3B fills the bill.

If you're a Brasero fan, I do apologize -- I don't dislike it and I would have likely and happily kept on using it, had it worked without issue with my setup. If it works well for you, I'm glad, but for my purposes, K3B is the superior app. Great job to the folks working on that project!

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