Happy [belated] Berfday sdsalyer.com!

I just realized it’s been over a year since I first got sdsalyer.com online and made my first blog entry. I missed the occasion by over a week — it was actually last Wednesday, the 17th of August! Doh, me!

In honor of this unprecedented event, I’ve made some quality upgrades to the blog end of the site:

  • I’ve set myself up on FeedBurner
  • I’ve dropped the Facebook icon in favor of Google+ ; and, most notably,
  • I’ve added some social sharing icons to the left of each article. If you enjoy one of my articles, please feel free to Like, +1, Tweet, or otherwise share it!

To everyone who’s ever visited my site, a big Thanks! I know it’s not much, but it’s my little corner of the interwebz. Keep your eyes peeled for some future site updates, including a much nicer version [or perhaps a replacement] of the Portfolio page, and of course, many more tantalizingly delicious blog posts from yours truly.

Oh… and Happy birthday, sdsalyer.com!

Til next time!

- Drew

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